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by: Hayden

When i watch zombie movies like zombie land and walking dead I get scared. If I look out at night I get scared to see to red eyes. Every one at school talk about how cool zombies are
And I tri to keep cool but sometimes I can't. all of my friends think that I like zombies and if I tell them the truoth they will make fun of me
The reason I'm scared of zombies is because of all of the blood and that they eat you. That is the only thang I'm afraid of
Like I love alian shows and slender man but if I watch zombie stuff then I get scared

Thanks for reading this

by: upset

Wow i thought i was the only one... I can handle lots of scary stuff but zombies leave me feeling so terrified i can't move. my husband loves the walking dead. everytime i try to watch it with him i can't sleep i can't even get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night . I feel so stupid sometimes :( but I can't help it.

So scared
by: Cayleen

I've always had issues with nightmares. I've tried staying away from horror movies, but I still have the nightmares. My fear for zombies started about a week ago. I'm so scared to be alone, even though my mind keeps telling me zombies aren't real. I have issues falling asleep at night, every bump in the night makes my heart skip a beat. Once I fall asleep, I wake up every hour from a zombie related nightmare.
I'm 18, and I feel I shouldn't be nearly as scared as I am. I don't want to be alone in my house, and when I am, I get so paranoid, and I try to be as quiet as possible. I think this might have started because of The Walking Dead series, but it's getting so bad.
It makes me feel a bit better knowing I'm not alone though.

Zombies ahh!
by: Randomer

A few weeks ago I left home to go on a school camp and for some reason when I leave the xbox I start hallucinating LIKE MAD! It was propably the second night away from home and there was a small gap through the curtain and i could see through the window, all night long I turned my head and pictures and pictures flicked through as a moved my head some were terrifiying and some were erotic. The 3rd night I was out at this swing with my friends and I started hallucinating and I could see zombies walking towards me, I began to stumble and freak out, I've never had this before... I eventually got away.. and then from about 100 metres away.. I saw what I thought was human beings.. but they did not walk like humans.. they walked exactly like zombies they were emerging and demerging into this building in groups of 8 each time or maybe more or less... I was convinced that something was going on.. If anyone was seeing what I was seeing you would freak out... they did not walk like normal people! They were completely black and nothing more.. there were lights coming from behind them as well.. just nothing but black figures by lights... walking like mother fuckin zombies! same shape as zombies too... on the bus ride home i was still freaking out.. seeing what i thought was zombies across the barren farm land. Many strange things happened on that camp. Once I returned home everything returned to normal, thank goodness...

by: Anonymous

So, I am afraid of most horror films and messed up violent imagery in general, but especially zombies. I don't understand how they are so popular and how anyone can look at them and think they are cool. I get really, really depressed when I am faced with the reality that so many people are into zombies. My boyfriend played Nazi Zombies with a friend last night, and it almost makes me want to break up with him. I also feel like he betrayed me somehow. I know it is not a big deal to him but it's hard for me to understand. I feel like I am going crazy and have to avoid so much to stay positive. Part of me just wants to get over this and be normal but then I feel like that would be the most depressing thing ever to just not care and fill my life with violence and death. I am not really afraid of dying. I know it is a part of life. I just have a problem with the fascination with decay and purposefully making yourself scared and filled with adrenaline. I feel so alone.

Scared because it could happen
by: Anonymous

It's terrifying because it could happen. I avoid zombie movies at all costs because as a biologist I have two words for your aerosolized rabies. Rabies attacks the limbic system which controls your reasoning and higher functions basically leaving you a mindless weapon only capable of base functions and one of those is EATING! My husband recently talked me into watching The Walking Dead and now I cannot sleep. I have to literally pass out from exhaustion. He's been away for a while so it is just myself and my 16 month old son so I am constantly trying to find ways to protect us in case of a zombie outbreak. I thought I was alone in this. So glad I'm not.

Nice to know...I'm not crazy
by: TCarroll

I was so happy to find this sight. I'm terrified, repeat terrified of zombies. I don't know why. I can watch other horror movies and maybe get a little spooked, but if I see a zombie movie, it takes days sometimes weeks before I can sleep without one eye open. I feel like I obsess about them at times. For instance, my lights were flickering tonight for about half an hour before finally going off (not unusual since I live in a medium size town) but the first thing that came to mind, not a blown transistor or bad weather...ZOMBIES. OMG, I feel like a complete spaz most times. I have horrific, technocolor nightmares about them that keep me awake for days. I'm glad to know I'm not alone. I hope this fear will eventually go away but I don't think I could handle aversion therapy. I tried to watch Dawn of the Dead, I didn't sleep for a month. I can't even stand to watch my kids play Plants versus Zombies, a stupid little cartoon game. Will I ever get over this?

I'm right there with you guys.
by: Randid

Thriller is what did it for me. I was 5 and living in Trinidad when the video was done I had to walk home in a sugar cane field after sun down. Well that was one of the scariest parts of my life and now that I'm 30 it's still with me.

When I go outside at night I have to slowly scan the area to make sure nothing is walking. At night I constantly wonder what if. I have told my friends to never try to scare me with any kind of zombie trick because if I have a weapon handy I will attack them with until they did not move, and I made sure that they understood that I was not attempting to be sarcastic.

Yet I still want to watch zombie shows and movies, although I never am able to finish them. I want to watch "the walking dead" but I can't, believe me I've tried. I think that all the pain and despair that I associate with the zombies is what creates my paranoia, but still thinking logically does not help. Im sure it is possible for a virus to come out that affects peoples mental state, and if they became almost rabid wouldn't that make them a "zombie".

another phobia
by: Anonymous

I am glad that I am not the only one who has this phopbia. I can watch a zombie film but its not long till I start to feel scared and then after I have watched the film it gets worse too affraid to sleep without a hint of light. It lasts for days. It does make me feel daft when I hear of someones kids playing a zombie games whilst i wont even buy one for my xbox 360. I would love to over come this fear along with others I have but theres so little information to help people with certain phobias and by going for professional help you feel really daft that it puts you.

Wow Im not crazy after all...
by: HaliGirl

I LOVE horror flicks. My phobia like someone said before started when my uncle forced me to watch him play the Resident Evil game. I have been terrified ever since, but the crazy thing is, is the I am obscesed with zombie movies and I love the Resident Evil movies. I can't go outside at night by myself even just to walk 10ft to the car before bounding back up the steps almost breaking my neck (every single time I do this,it never fails). When I go out to places I always plan exit and emergancy stratagies to be able to servive. I think of what I could do for food where I could get weapons and such. I feel so crazy. I also have a Doberman Pincher, and if any of you don't know that is the dog of choice for the the zombie dogs of RE, so when he walks around a corner in his slow stalky way he scares the bloody hell outta me. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. My friends and family, even my fiancé torment and laugh at me over it.

subtle relief...
by: Anji

I've had this fear for a while, I read one of the other comments and felt less alone when someone mentioned that Dawn of the Dead was the trigger for their fear too. I saw that movie when I was young and I guess it traumatized me, I never knew about zombies till that movie.

My fear grew, and I had no name for it. My friends understand though, they don't mock me, they conscider the possibility of a zombie apocalypse and make survival plans with me. I can't be left alone in a house day or night or my paranoia grows till I'm locked in a barracaded room with an array of weapons, unable to sleep till dawn or till i'm not alone. It's happened before. I've also set up traps all over the house before, to the discomfort of my friends and family who have fallen into such traps.

I kept weapons of all sorts hidden all around the house, from clubs, shovels, kitchen knives, hammers, axes and hatchets. I'm still never without a knife.

I felt isolated though, none of my friends had a fear as strong as mine, I don't think they fear it at all. Maybe i'm just a scaredy cat, but something about zombies just scares the hell outta me. I've had nightmares for years, and I'm always most shaken when I wake to an empty house.Sometimes I'm bitten, but not a real zombie, like some kind of hybrid or mutation where I still have my sanity...

I felt my fear getting more and more irrational, realizing I couldn't go out at night alone, couldn't have headphones on when alone incase I don't hear something creeping up. I'm always nervous to look out windows at night for fear of a zombie looking back in and breaking the window.

I've never met someone with this fear, and only just got up the gal to look online for answers..I know it's been said, but I'm a little relieved there's others out there that share my's very real to me, and makes me feel isolated, like i need to be medicated, like theres just something "wrong" with me..I'm glad I'm no longer alone, that there's others out there who are Aware of this possible fate..perhaps Inevitable fate. At least I wont be the only survivor...

I love Resident Evil, oddly enough.
by: Anonymous

I've had this fear since I was very young. Zombies in my closet, under my bed, under my eyelids as I tried to go to sleep. Thriller, and B rated zombie flicks did the trick.
I've identified the true fear I have is of such a creature's intentions: a painful death on my part by being eaten alive
As I got older, I discovered the Resident Evil games and began to play. A friend gave me cheat codes so I could run around with infinite life and a big Colt Python to blow their heads off. It helped some, I had their unlives in my hands at that point. My dreams turned to me converting the rules of the games(Take off their heads and they're gone forever) to how I handled them in my sleep. Soon enough, they were stopped in the dreams and I wasn't waking up in cold chills.
I still look over my shoulder, thinking I heard a shuffle or groan of unearthly hunger while in my house. Too embarassed to seek a councilor at the moment, so I guess I'll just have to settle for Jill Valentine being my hero for defeating all of them for me. Just wish she could have been there all the years that I was a child bawling in bed for someone to be my protector.

I've never met anyone like me before.
by: Ohmigod

I've had this fear for decades now. It started as a generalized fear of all horror movies and became more specific as I aged. I wish the current Zombie chic would go away and never come back, because it's difficult to be accosted by the object of your phobia again and again, particularly since non-phobics are so insensitive.

I went to see Sean of the Dead because I was promised it was funny. And it is. If you're not afraid of zombies. I hyperventilated in the theater and had to spend the last half of the movie with my head between my knees, shaking and holding back tears. My husband got to sit up with me for the next three nights while I screamed at every passing noise.

Ironically I'm not afraid of the 28 Days Later or Crazies-style zombies. It's the swarming, the physical death, and the decomposition that I fear. If I had to speculate, I suppose it stems from my fear of both death and of loved ones turning into enemies without warning.

I wish there were more information about the psychological underpinnings of this phobia. Though amusing to the world at large, it is very real to the people who have it, and causes symptoms of severe stress and panic. That, combined with the derision normally shown sufferers of this fear, can cause depression and loss of enjoyment in life.

Fortunately for me we bought my grandmother's house. It's literally the only place I've ever felt safe in my life, and when I start to feel the old fears creep up, I can tell myself that nothing bad can ever happen to me here and I calm down. Also, finding others like myself helps. Not many people seem to share this phobia, or if they do they don't share it at this level.

I too am 40, and like the gentleman above I too am considered somewhat tough otherwise in life (I'm a tattooed punk rock mom). But even the commercials for these movies are too much for me, and to this day I can't watch the Thriller video.

Im not alone
by: Anonymous

I feel the same way I have nightmares of zombies and cannot sleep sometimes because that is all I think about. How can I overcome this fear. I watched the new living dead movie and did not sleep for a week. I will not walk my dogs If I dont see anyone else out in the neighborhood.

Kinemortophobia -- fear of the living dead
by: Anonymous

It relieves me to know there are others there suffering from this.
For me, it started when I watched Dawn of the Dead ages ago. Now, just as I was taking a morning shower, I noticed I was hearing things that I pressumed was zombies, I hyperventilated and my heart started palpitating. I didnt leave out of the bathroom for a while because I dont have a lock to my room's door. Immediately I thought of calling all my loved ones to check if they were ok. I had the guts to leave the bathroom after a while and started checking my room, under the bed, the closet, everywhere.
It is really dominating my life.
I try to talk to my friends about it but they laugh. My brothers also crawl on the floor pretending to be zombies to see me bawling. But I'm relieved to find that when they do that, i have the courage to either scratch them or kick them in the face - though i doubt that'll happen if im attacked by a swarm.
Every sound or crack affects me, I jump with fright and scream.
I need help, i think. It's getting worse =S
I'm tearing with joy to know im not the only one there suffering with this fear...
Thank you.

by: Traced

I am so terrified of Zombies and reading some of these stories I can't believe are so similar to mine. I get tight chested, throat closed, and sweats and shaking, and I can't handle it. I almost think I am beyond the phobia stage. I map out escape routes, I stock up on water and dehydrated food every time I go to wal mart. I look at places and wonder if they could get in. And as with some people from above, it's not the slow moving zombies that get to me, it's the quick ones. It all started with 28 days later. It's not about re animated corpses. It's the infection that in my opinion that could happen and seems like a certain possiblity. When I'm in the bathroom, I freak as an image of a zombie sneak under the stall to get me. And I have run from a bathroom in a public building because of this. I always check all of my exits. The kid from Zombieland? That's me but without any relief.

the cure
by: placebo

Like all of you, i have this phobia. It doesn't completely dominate my life, but everywhere i go, i look for the best hiding places..escape routes incase of a zombie attack. I think for me, my fear of zombies comes from the fact that they're quite possibly the scariest thing you can think of. Vampires are few in number, Freddy..Jason... all those other fictional monsters and creatures can be avoided or reasoned and bargained with. Zombies on the other hand, you cannot bargain..beg or make deals with. They will only eat untill there is no more to eat. It helps alot to talk about this phobia, but almost everyone i talk to about it thinks im crazy. But i found a book by Max Brooks called "the zombie survival guide". i would recommend it to all of you, at the very least it does give alot of real life survival tips that ease my fears a little. At least if you feel a little prepared for the unlikely event of a zombie invasion you'll feel a little prepared.

Too Old For This?!?!
by: Cary

I am a 40 year old man that is terrified of Zombies. It all started when I was in my early teens snd I(happily) went to the midnight movies to see the original Dawn of the Dead. Because of that film, I have had nightmares on a regular basis. I feel stupid for having this fear, because other than the Zombie thing, I am what you would consider a "tough guy". I have problems getting to and staying sleep. I have had numerous daydreams that I am surrounded by the living dead and see my loved ones as flesh eating beasts. I've had to kill them to stay alive! I know that some of you might see me as a weak man, but this fear is taking control of me. I just hope that I can gain control soon.

damn the media
by: claudia

im totally terrired of zombies due to a childhood experience. when i was little my uncle made me watch him play the resident evil games and that so is the root of all my fears it's the virus thing that scares me the most because it could happen. im fine in the day but at night paranoia skyrockets and living in a creaky house does not help at all; glad to know im not the only one, my family thinks it's a weird fear. what makes it weirder is that i love horror films especially j-horror. most of my fears are media produced eg. murderous doll phobia (stupid chucky poster at my uncle's house) and scary chest busting alien phobia (i hate that that damn alien)

This has gotten out of hand.. and i understand you.
by: halona

Holy crap. That is why i searched this in the first place alot of things that you are experenceing i am too about the moving into places and makeing sure that just incase. I cant travel alone at night. I have night mares almost every night. Thing is.. its alwase family members that come up. I cant watch zombie moves... i tried what you did and watched shawn of the dead.. Scared the crap out of me. I also dont sleep much because of the re-ocurring dreams. It gets so bad sometimes that i have to pull my shower curtian away just to make sure before i go for a shower or to the bath room. My friends all think its funny too.. I dont think that they understand the seriousness of a phobia.

Not the only one
by: Kendall

While I don't seem to actually have a problem watching the zombie movies, I wake up with horrible nightmares. Most of the time I even have to surf all of the news channels and internet just to make sure I was in fact having a nightmare. One of my best friends's siblings has the exact same problem as well, right down to the reassurance part.

Just last night/this morning I woke up petrified from a Zombie dream. They don't seem to actually ever be chasing me, but I am always hiding or trying to save somebody else...

by: scaredofzombs

sometimes, when im awake and alone.
i start to create pictures of a zombie coming towards me. so thats very,very bad. and many times i have had zombies trying to kill me.
i have to tell someone about this and i noticed this webpage and i wanted to post about my fear/phobia towards zombies.
im also afraid of dark, so that makes it even worse. very often people want to watch like scary movie. shaun of the dead. etc. and they all think im a coward cause i dont want to watch them for "specific" reasons. is this a thing you can talk freely with a psychiatrist?
cause this has been bothering me for the last 3years 9months and 12days.....
and now, its making me go insane..
please, if someone has the same phobia/fear please. id want you to send me email to this address; Jesse-0960 at

A nightmare on Zombie Street
by: Burgs

wow, just read most posts etc and its not just me then...seems a common thing! i have always had a mild phobia from when i was a child/young adult when i first watched Zombie Flesheaters, but for the past few years since and the remake of dawn of the dead, and the likes of 28 days later etc....its become worse, one main fact is because they (the zombies) have become fast all of a sudden, they used to be slow. i cant even watch shaun of the dead without a nightmare. i even struggle to watch "survivors" even though its not about zombies. the icing on the cake was that one of my playstation games called call of duty world at wor, when you completed the game (all about world war 2) it gave you a bonus level, yes guess what " a zombie level", i couldnt even play that. anyway its nice to know (or not if you know what i mean)that i am not alone. guess what i am going to be dreaming of tonight after writing this!...i think i may have a few glasses of wine and watch match of the day. anyway, thanks from: Lee (married for 15 years, 2 children, one cat and a baseball bat beside my bed!!

Me too
by: Jessica

I had no idea so many other people had this.
I suffer from this really badly, and while I don't have bad dreams (I never seem to get any forms of nightmares), whenever people mention Zombies my heart starts to beat really fast and I just want to get out of there.

I'm like Zombie Stopper, if I'm on my own, occasionally I just want to run and find people, because I feel like there's a Zombit just around the corner and it really freaks me out.

It's not the old fashioned Zombies that creep me out (although they do to a certain extent), its the new ones. I had a panic attack at a friends house when she put on 28 Days Later, and when our Media teacher made us watch the Descent, I left the class and cried behind the cafe.

Its just the idea that a creature is out there with the sole purpose to kill me, and I can't persuade them at all with words, like a cerial killer or something like that. I know that if it came to a 'kill or be killed' situation, I would not be strong enough to kill, or fit enough to outrun them.

Now I'm going to go eat some chocolate... I need to destress.

Thank Christ
by: Rachael

It's not just me.

by: Anonymous

I cant get to sleep most nights because if this. walking down the street thinking about zombies and survival, trying to make plans, but I live in new york so no plans would ever work. trying to rationalize out what zombies would really be like, fast or slow, or able to survive for more than a week. its really a problem. and the worst part is that I know its a culmination of all the other fears I have: not wanting to get eaten alive, having to constantly run and fight for survival, not being able to trust anything around you. but knowing whats behind it isn't helping.
its really not as funny as a lot of people think.

by: Anonymous

Woah, I had no idea this was so common. Zombies generally scare the crap outta me, and sometimes I get nightmares that cause me physical pain from being so scared, but I'm working on turning my fear into gamer rage in games like Left4Dead, which is working surprisingly well!
I hope you all end up finding a way to conquer your fear, but if the zombie apocalypse comes, I hope to see you at the survival camps.
Good luck.

by: Anonymous

Well i watched 28 days later and while i was watching it i thouhgt what if i was stuck in a taxi with zombies coming at me. What is my little baby bro was there with me and there was nothing i could do to help him, I HAVE THE PHOBIA TO IT'S HORRIBLE, i mean i know zombies aren't and never will be REAl, but theres always a feeling, WHAT IF?

by: Radd

Zombie-phobia is the most common phobia and is growing at an alarming rate.

So no, you are not alone. There are plenty of people with this.

I currently am dealing with it as well, and plan to write a thorough research essay on the topic.

I am not alone?
by: zombegone

Wow, I thought I was the only person with this fear. I too get laughed at when I talk about my nightmares, survival plans and security measures to ward off zombie attacks. My dreams are so realistic that I have hit and bit my boyfriend while I was having zombie nightmares. I worry about how safe my apartment is and where the zombies might break in. I lock my door at night in fear of my roommate becoming a zombie while I sleep. I am also afraid of moving to urban areas as there will be few escape routes and millions of people either infected or congesting my way out of the cities. Yes, this is irrational and yes, I suppose it is funny to the outsider but dammit, it is real and horrifying to me!!!

by: Anonymous

I understand your fear! I also have a terrible fear of zombies!

But not really so much the "undead" or "corpses coming back to life" type but more the "28 Days Later" type. (I love horror movies but it's gotten to the point that watching either of the "28 Days/Months Later" movies makes me break into tears of fear)

I feel like that could actually happen. There COULD be a virus that COULD be unleashed on people and it COULD cause them to want to kill one another. This COULD destroy the world as we know it and leave survivors fighting for resources and an escape against the INFECTED.

I think that is the part that really scares me. Fighting to survive against being hunted by monsters that only want to kill.

I regularly have zombie dreams. They usually involve just me or me and those close to me trying to escape a zombie attack. Sometimes we are trying to board up our home in between waves of zombies or infected attacking us. These dreams are terrible. I usually wake up crying and scared out of my mind. This generally leads me to waking up my husband in a weepy mess needing a hug to pull me back to reality.

Everywhere I stay I assess for zombie safety. Are there too many windows? Is there roof access to assess escape routes? Are there adequate hiding spaces? What is the supply situation? Could I escape to my car to make it home and protect myself from there?

It's become a stupid joke among my friends. Yes, I'm scared of zombies. Yes, it's stupid.

But with germ warfare and a new country hating the US each week, is really all that stupid?! Or is just a matter of time before a bomb is made to force us to destroy ourselves!?

Ok, I need to stop this talk. Last night's zombie dream was bad enough, I certainly don't need to bring on another tonight!

Just know you are not alone!

Me too
by: vic peralta

You know I also have those nightmares. My friends don't mock at me, because I am not in the phobia place yet, but he idea of a zombie apocalypse strikes me to the bonemarrow.

I have spend some time thinking about the zombies stuff, and I also have a friend who studies film making. I've come up with some ideas having to do with the mexican insecurity, apathy and zombies.

By the way there is a zombiphobia group in Facebook... at the moment there's is just one guy and me. Do you know any sites treating this issue beside just being interested in zombie movies?

zombie stopper
by: Anonymous

Sometimes I'll be at work smoking a cigarette by the dumpster behind the store. Then all the sudden I start running for the door because I always think that a zombie is going to run or crawl out from behind the dumpster and eat me. Also, I have zombie dreams up to three to four times a week. And yeah, like the rest of you guys say, everyone thinks I'm crazy, but forget them. I'm terrified and can't help it.

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