Zombie Pphobia

by Alison

I am afraid of zombies and not just in a scary movie way. I have reacurring nightmares with zombies trying to catch and eat me. I'm stuck in mud and can't run away.

Every place I move into I am always thinking about whether it will be secure in case of a zombie attack/apocalypse. Sometimes I have to lock my bedroom door, just in case my flatmates turn into zombies in the middle of the night.

All my friends laugh at me and say "you know zombies aren't real" and that I'm being irrational. I just tell them 'yes, well that's what a phobia is...an irrational fear!"

My fear of zombies goes back to the Michael Jackson 'Thriller' video, I had to watch the 'making of' first. I have been dragged, screaming down a hallway by my friends, thinking I'm just joking, trying to make me watch 'Night of the Living Dead' (it was the re-make) The thing is...I love horror movies, so everyone thinks it's quite funny that I can't watch zombie films.

I have started to face my fear by watching zombie films. I started with "Shaun of the Dead", which being a comedy helped a little. I have watched the remake of "Dawn of the Dead" on television, everytime a zombie appeared I changed the channel. Same with "28 Days Later", though not actually a zombie movie. I still can't watch most zombie films without totally freaking out and my mouth going dry and throat closing up.

I have just finished film school and have made a couple of zombie short films to try and confront my fear. Someone with a zombie-phobia is going to make the scariest zombie films!

Actually, the internet with all the zombie apocalypse website has made me feel better about my phobia. There are other people out there, yes most of them are actually joking but I don't feel alone anymore.
Thank you, Alison

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