Zemmiphobia, fear of the molerat

The long night was getting to me after all these years. SO I STOPPED SEEING HANK. IT HURT but my zemmiphobia (fear of the molerat) went away too. Unfortunately the next night, when was trying to fall asleep, I didnt even realize that I was on the edge of my bed until I fell off of it! I tried to get up again, but fell back breathless, AND THEN IT HIT ME. WHAT IF THE MOLE RAT WAS IN THIS ROOM. Ancient memories from my native heritage flowed back into my mind, as I scrambled into the closet to hide. Then I could feel my butt go numb. Sooner or later I passed out because I woke up in the morning, my episode was finally over. I was just wondering if there is a name for these weird episodes I have and if I should start seeing Hank again. Thank you.

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