The Specialty Of Yoga Phobia Treatment

Yoga phobia treatment becomes necessary when you suffer from relentless conditions of phobia in your everyday life. This irrational state of fear and dread hampers your normal existence dragging you from a normal state to abnormality.

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You become extremely unconfident to face situations in life. Yoga treatment saves you from the condition by creating a new you out of the old. It gives your life a fresh start.

It is interesting to know that yoga phobia treatment observes and takes care of your mind, body, emotions and energetic systems as a totality.

The yoga form of treatment comprises asana hatha yoga, pranayama, meditation and yoga nidra, which help in balancing your nervous system, endocrines, generates energy in your body and calms your mental and physical health.

When you suffer from phobia your unconscious mind, conscious mind, emotions and physical body – all are attacked at the same time. Yoga chooses and treats each of the levels separately and also treats the connection or the link between these levels.

The Asanas
Asanas in yoga play a major role in balancing your physical health, endocrine system, and subtly takes care of the charkas and the prana in the body. Suryanamaskara (some physical postures meant to show respect to the God of the Sun) is excellent for combating phobias and tensions in your life.

The asanas, which take care of your adrenals, include Shashankasana, marjariasana, ushtrasana, the trikonasana series, chakrasana and dhanurasana. The shakti bandha series, spinal twists, paschimottanasana and bhujangasana are equally beneficial.

In yoga phobia treatment, asanas with reversed poses and postures like sarvangasana, vipareeta karani mudra, halasana and sirshasana are practiced with skills and experience.

A yoga phobia expert may also advice hatha yoga cleansing techniques for your utmost convenience.

Kunjal asana relieves your tension, Neti and shankhaprakshalana works to tone and balance your body, Kapalbhati helps in eradicating impurities, and trataka or ajna chakra manipulates and empowers the pineal gland, the hypothalamus and the sympathetic nervous system.

These asanas along with pranayama (an interplay of inhalation and exhalation), yoga nidra and meditation deal with the negative within you and works hard in gifting you a tension and hassle free brain.

Inner silence or “antar mouna” is an act of watching the mind without any judgment. This art of yoga phobia treatment is perfectly meant for those who suffer from acute phobic conditions. Ajapa japa is also beneficial for those suffering from anxiety and nervousness.

In short, yoga phobia treatment is not medicine – it is the magic of inner strength and vitality, which closes the door for the negatives and makes way for hope and optimism in life.

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