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by: Lily

Wow I thought I was the only one...
Yeah when I hear the x files theme song I start crying...and maybe even screaming a little..
It's horrible because I barely know why..
It may have been that I used to watch it when I was little but I seriously don't remember ..
It's really strange


And because of that , I start to freak Out about aliens too.. I mean I Don't think I even watched it when I was l was little!!!!
I only found out recently that the song came from that program...hmm how do Ivey over this fear?

by: Madison

exactly the same happens to me and I have visions of things like aliens, ghosts & demons. I'm so so so scared of them aswell. just writing that I got terrified. I just heard the tune on the radio and started crying my heart out and got so freaked out I look around me when I walk somewhere. it's horrible. I thought I was over it but just hearing it I died inside. is there a name for the phobia of the x files song? :( but can't believe there are other people who are scared of it too!

Please contact me!
by: Anonymous

I'll just copy and paste here what I posted on the share your phobia part of this website. Please contact me if you get this, I'm deadly serious about wanting you to email me back.

First of all I'm really fucking freaked right now, I just had a BAD panic and flashing episode, but at the same time, I'm so happy! Two people(may have been more I stopped going down the page when my panic got out of control)have a phobia of the theme song from the show that had the two actors I have a SEVERE phobia of. I can't type what show or I will freak again but scroll down and you'll see which one I mean. I have a severe phobia of those two actors as well as a fear of 6 other famous people, and a phobia of my great grandmother.

Note to the theme song people on the off chance you see this, is it just the song? Or is it the people too? I seriously thought I was the only person in the WORLD with this issue. I'm seriously thinking this problem is neurological, and this just makes me even more sure I'm right!

My email address is: Cookiemonster8918 at

Please no mention of names of actors or the show. This is severly triggering for me(I have PTSD from watching this damn show, no lie I swear). When I talk about this with my psychologist I refer to it as "The Show". I'd like you to please do the same.

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