Wrist Phobia, Carpophobia

by Sara

When I was little, my sister used to tell me ridiculous stories. One of them stayed with me for life. One day I was wearing a few rubberbands on my wrists, and she told me if they were tight and I kept them on for a while, my hands would fall off. Immediately I ripped them off in fear, and ever since then I haven't been able to look at or think about wrists. I never told anyone about this fear until about 7th or 8th grade, and once it got out, it got ugly. People would walk up to me and shove their wrists in my face, and when I pushed them out of the way, it would freak me out even more because I dont like to touch them. Whenever I watched a scary movie I had to ask someone if they did anything involving their wrists so I wouldnt freak out. I always look away or shield my face if anyone's wrists are showing or sticking out. I remember one day in 8th grade, a kid who didn't like me told the whole class to come up to me and shove their wrists in my face, he told them I was a freak and they all believed him. After that class people started yelling "Wrists! Wrists! Veiny bloody wrists!" in my face and showed me the vein-side of their wrists. It freaked me out to the point where I started bawling and I was having trouble breathing. I walked through the whole school that day, crying my eyes out. I'll never forget it. I just...need to find some help for this. It really get in the way of my school/social life. Its hard for me to do certain activities because of my fears. The worst part is, my family makes fun of me and doesn't believe its a real fear, so they won't put the money into therapy...*sigh* Yep. That's my life for ya.

If you have any ideas for treating this condition...please email me: Blackasnight333 at yahoo.com

Thanks for reading my dribble.

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