How And When Does Phobia Occur?

Before discussing about when does phobia occur, you must have a proper understanding of the subject itself. A phobia is an unrelenting, unnecessary, impractical fear of an animal, situation, activity, person or object.

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A victim of phobia attempts to avoid a situation that triggers fear or tries to accept the fear with immense anxiety and distress.

When does phobia occur?
An incident of phobia or fear generally occurs during childhood. For example, Susan was bitten by a dog in her childhood. As she grew up she forgot the incident but the fear was still persistent within her mind.

Whenever, she saw a dog she panicked but was unsure of the reason of being afraid.

The fear was there in her subconscious mind and therefore the little words of consolation from her friends and associates like “its just a little dog, it won’t bite you” would definitely do her no good.

Some more interesting points about when does phobia occur
Phobia can affect people from all occupations and it may occur at any point in your life. Your adult life is full of stress and this may result in several simple phobic conditions like being kicked or thrown by a horse.

However, the most common phobia among teenagers include phobia of being neglected or humiliated.

However, there are several instances of complex phobias. Agoraphobia is a complex phobic condition, which begins between early and mid adulthood and may continue for several years to come.

When does phobia occur in the life of an adult?
Adulthood is a critical phase of human life. It is a phase when you start looking at things entirely from a different perspective. You get to meet new people and therefore you experience a social expansion.

Adulthood is also a time for you to test yourself. For instance, as you get to meet several people you also get to discover new things about yourself. What you like, what you dislike, what makes you feel afraid and what make you panic.

You may feel shy to talk to people, you may be afraid of criticisms in life. These are all varied forms of social phobia. Such things happen so spontaneously that you don’t even realize when does phobia occur. Only a serious panic attack may make you aware of the situation.

The relevance of NLP in understanding when does phobia occur
At times it is also necessary for you to seek help in order to locate the source or origin of the phobia within you, or to put it more simply in order to understand when and why a phobia does occur in your life.

In Neuro Linguistic Programming you would have a recapitulation of your memories buried under the ruins of your mind.

Once you know when does phobia occur it becomes easy for you to deal with your phobia and you may choose to adopt a certain therapeutic treatment (such as NLP) to rid yourself from the condition.

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