What Occurs With Phobia

If you sit down to look for an answer to the question what occurs with phobia you are simply trying to look for the varied symptoms of phobia.

Jan Heering

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Phobia is a certain form of psychological absurdity, characterized by several physiological disturbances.

Physiological point of view
In an attempt to look for an answer to what occurs with phobia you may list down some of its common physiological symptoms like:

  • A serious condition of hyperventilation
  • A tendency to sweat excessively
  • You also tend to freeze
  • You may suffer from nausea and dizziness
  • You may shake and tremble
  • You may experience frequent chest pain

Psychological point of view
What occurs with phobia? Definitely a sense of overestimation and underestimation. For example, if you suffer from road phobia you generally give a priority to the occurrence of danger and always think lowly of your driving skill and potential on road.

For you, disaster becomes a must occurrence. You start believing “If I drive I am sure to make an accident”. Such a mental condition is generally referred to as catastrophising.

Phobia is also associated with certain mental processes, like

  • You develop a tendency to exaggerate your condition of fear
  • You refuse to accept that anything positive can happen to you
  • You try to over generalize everything
  • You are always waiting for a disaster to happen

However, the best way to treat psychological symptoms of phobia is to go for NLP An avoiding tendency in phobia
The most common incident that occurs with phobia is the tendency to avoid situations and circumstances.

For instance, those suffering from needle phobia refuse to go to doctors, those suffering from social phobia refuse to meet new people, those suffering from agoraphobia refuse to climb skyscrapers, hills or mountains and the list is endless.

You would find very few people who in spite of knowing that they are afraid of a particular situation still desire to face with extra courage.

A feeling of depression in phobia
A constant source of anxiety causes depression. This small information is enough to answer the question of what occurs with phobia? Depression occurs with phobia. Your inability to fight with your phobic condition makes you suffer from within.

You want to combat your fear but you can’t. Your rational sense tells you that there is nothing to be afraid of but still you cannot get rid of your fear. This is enough to make you feel depressed.

Role of NLP in treating what occurs with phobia
NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is the best way to rid yourself from phobic symptoms. NLP transforms your mental set up or your mind’s constructs.

NLP helps in changing the you within you so that you would no longer feel dizzy and nervous while experiencing a condition of fear.

It is all about a set of positive suggestions, which will entirely change the way, you want to think and feel. After this the question – what occurs with phobia would no longer haunt you.

Posted by Jan Heering
Master Coach, psychological trainer and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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