What Is My Phobia Called? I Need an Answer....

by Amanda
(Colorado Springs)

Ok first of all I have like a ton of fears but this is like one that really bothers me and no one understands it...so I'm gonna try my best to explain it.

Ok so my fear is the sound, that crunch, that some food makes when you eat it. Like granted some foods are supposed to be crunchy but take potato salad for example. The potatos are tender and soft and everything else in there is creamy and yummy then you have people, these sick people that put peppers and celery in there...Potato salad is not supposed to crunch!

Also soup. Soup is slow cooked all the veggies, meat, is all tender and juicy but not cerery! It still has that same f**king texture that whenever I bite it and I hear that sound in my brain and I just want to rip it out.

Now this has had a big affect on my life, not only do people think I'm crazy but It has stopped me from eating a lot of things and even things that I have been able to eat like chips and stuff that crunches I have to humm really loud while I eat it even dance around a little, anything that can keep my mind off of that sound.... if anyone can give me an answer, please.

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