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by: Anonymous

you may have ocd, read about it

pobia of noises
by: Anonymous

Well i dont really know what you mean because, that happens with everyone so dont worry. It depends if the food that you are eating is crunchy or not some things are and some are not. Its like when i eat with my family i can sometime hear then crunching loud. But i do have goose bumps when someone is crunching on ice, it goes through me i must admit. But there is a lot of food that is cruncy, so dont let that stop you from eating.

by: Anonymous

i kno alot of ppl scared of ladybugs

what is it
by: Anonymous

CUSTARD!!!!!!!!!!! when i see it i shake cry n go dizzy! ppl laugh at me but i cant help it! does this phobia hav a name? and if so WHAT IS IT???????


I dont know what it is called but you can play music or listen to music when your eating them or have you tried doctors i have a huge fear of lady bugs!!!:D

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