What I call coasterphobia, fear of roller coasters

by Chelsey B

Well my name is Chelsey. And I have a fear of roller coasters. Major fear. I don't like even being near them. I just think they are just gonna fall apart when I'm on it. I can't even ride the gigantic swings. Anything that lifts me high in the air and moves at a fast speed at the same time scares me horribly. No I'm not afraid of heights. I have no problem with heights. It's just when you add in motion to it that scares me. I kinda wish I didn't have this fear. But I don't mind one bit staying outside the gate. I love amusement parks but I never ride much because of my fear. My boyfriend is gonna try and break my fear when the festival comes to town but I doubt he will be able to. Any help on this?

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