What Causes Phobias?

To answer the question, what causes phobias it can be convincingly stated that phobia is a kind of illogical or embellished fear of a specific entity, condition, activity, setting or even any form of corporeal movement.

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In such cases the individual is unable to regulate emotional responses and tries to run away from the situation rather than facing it competently.

Before answering the question what causes phobias you should understand the various types of phobic conditions.
Phobias may be social, which involves a fear of awkwardness or humiliation especially in social occasions such as public speaking or using a public lavatory.

Phobias may also include the fear of being in crowds or the fear of public places generally termed as agoraphobia.

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Simple instances of phobias may signify a form of trepidation towards a meticulous type of stimulus, such as animals, insects, heights, flying, copped up places and a lot more variety.

Irrespective of the fact that what causes phobias it is equally important for you to know that a specific phobic condition or circumstance may disrupt the quality of your existence and bring about a kind of comparative deterioration in all walks of life.

It has often been noticed that some people tend to become more phobic or anxious in comparison to others.

Phobias are often identified as genetic characteristics. It has generally been noticed that kids and teenagers who are usually seen to be phobic have family histories of anxiety disorders.

Again, in trying to answer the question of what causes phobias you will possibly come to know that some people are born with a natural tendency of being extra careful and self conscious.

Such individuals always have the tendency of detecting dangers and difficulties in all matters of life. They always feel anxious or disturbed with everything they have to do or come across in life.

Once you are successful in detecting what causes phobias you will surely be able to improve your existential quality and your attitude towards life.

If however, you fail to identify the causes of phobias you will soon be a victim of social isolation, depression and substance abuse.

What is more frustrating is that though you know that your anxieties and phobias are all unreasonable and baseless you are still unable to control or transform them. You simply fail to get rid of such situations in life.

Researches in an attempt to answer the question of what causes phobias have finally come to the conclusion that both genetic and environmental factors have a major contribution in the occurrence of phobias.

Children however, sometimes become victims of phobias when they witness apprehensive reactions by others.

Some Reasons of What Causes Phobias

  • Death of a loved one or of a close associate

  • Divorce or separation

  • Job uncertainty or professional termination

  • Corporal or poignant distress or suffering

  • Abuse or abandonment

  • Any sort of transformation in life may disrupt the balance of your existence and make you feel nervous and reckless

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