Water Skiing and Fear Of Water

by linsay
(lowbanks On)

ok well me and my family went out in the boat , like we always do , i dont have anything wrong with being in a boat , or anything i quiet love it really , but we werent going out as normal.

We were going water skiing and ive done it before so i know what would happen. i love it, its so much fun. As long as im watching someone else.

So i slowly get it the lake and im scared, i cant breathe, but i know dad will be mad if i dont go in, so i go in and, by this time im yelling at myself. Telling everyone i cant swim, that somethings going to eat me.

So i tell them im fine once i start breathing and, im like al lone 50 feet behind the boat and now ive done it. Everything i see i scream that i am acting insane.

When he starts to go, i an holding on for life to the rope and, im screaming, cant breathe. lmao

You shouldve seen my face tho !

But i wish i wasnt so scared of water.
I didnt go back in after that. I was so scared i thought i was going to die.

And today me and my sister were kayaking and it happened again. And its hard for me to not go in the lake bc i live 2 mins away form it.

We have a pool. I can go in that no problem, but the lakes a whole different story.

If you could help. my e-mails
babbe_b.i.t.c.h at hotmail.com

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