water phobia

by gemma
(south wales uk)

fear of water

fear of water

i know just how my fear of water phobia started i was 4 i remember having bath by nurse maid my mother and father in living room while i was left alone maid the maid giving me bath i was refusing to go in it freaked me out the maid forced my head under water for 1 minute then i slipped underwater above my nose i could not breathe i screamed place down my father bashed door down grabbed me had to put me in towel while he shouted at my nurse maid my nurse maid got sack since my time 1904 when that happened to me since then through out the years my phobia of water gotten really bad to point im petrified of water any kind around me its not deepness its having it around me makes really freak out now i can't have bath in peace my nerves play part my heart pounding every time i enter water whats worse it is so intense i can't stay in bath for even few hours nobody in my family knows this except my father and mother who not with me which makes it even more terrifying for me i have tried to confront my fear of water but it has gotten so bad i gotten to point sometimes get panic attacks

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