Water Deep Scary Water

by Nikki
(New Zealand)

I am terrified of deep, murky, can't touch the bottom can't see the bottom water. I've tried swimming in the deep end of the pool and looking at pictures of beautiful ocean, so it isn't as scary. But i'm still terrified! I'm even scared of my school's 2 meter deep pool and i might have to go in the lane not on the side, :(. If i'm on the side i can just grab the side and bring my legs up so i don't feel that i can't touch the bottom. This is also going to suck because i have to keep my head above the water while i swim lengths, i'm lucky they don't know how well i can swim, but i'll probably have to look under the water eventually. *shudder* Please can you give me any advice to help me get over this phobia. I think my main problem is that i can't feel/see/know where the bottom is and i also think that i have another fear about not being able to escape. Nothing has happened in my life, that i know of, that would make me scared of water. It's also a shame because i do like swimming but most pools go really deep, like 4 METERS! That's really deep! And i'm really nervous because my family wants to go to Australia when we can but hours over that big amount of deep water? No thank you! But i also want to travel a lot when i get older, but i'm stuck on this small island, i haven't even left the North island, i even can't really look at the harbor when we drive over the bridge, i look at the ground and try to day dream! Even when we cross a little river i find that i get nervous, so please any suggestions! Thank you so much!

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