Vomit Phobia

I know there's already a page about vomit phobia but i wanted to share this because i feel like it's taking over my life!

The word sick is always in my mind whatever i'm doing.
I always worry and about four/three mornings a week i wake up feeling sick and i start shaking. I get to the point were i feel like im actually going to be sick! Then it go's and i just feel dizzy. I can't stop it!

I worry about me or anyone in my family being sick and now i pray that i won't be sick!

I do stuff like:

Wash my toothbrush
Not go near patients or touch things in hospital/docters
Hold my breath when people walk past in the street
Wash things
Not wear or touch things
Vigourously wash my hands
Stay away from people who have been sick a (even if its weeks ago) and not touch there things
Stay away from people who's siblings have been sick (even if it's weeks ago).

I wash my hands proberly more than 20 times a day and there now all wrinkly and i even wash things like my bed!

Iv've only recently told very close people, they try to help me but then they give up. People also say 'you need to get over it then' or laugh and joke about it evem though i dont find it funny.

The sight, smell or even noing someones been sick is enough to make me start feeling sick!

This phobia has been happening for 4-5 years no and this is the worst ive ever been! I want to stop it before it gets worst!

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