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Vomit to choking Phobia
by: Anonymous

I do the same thing and totally panic beyond belief when someone starts coughing. I always go to the extreme with it and think coughing will lead to choking and then vomiting and then choking to death! It is so bad I find myself having panic attacks now when we go to restaurants and to eat with anyone. I spend my whole time looking around for someone coughing. If my children get sick, I panic and their dads have to help them because I have these attacks and will pass out. I wish I wasn't like this but as long as I can remember I have been.

I know how you feel!
by: Morgan

It's called Emitophobia, I think. And I have the same exact problem. Everything you listed is what I do! I wash my toothbrush, I hold my breath when someone who's sick walks by (wow, i thought I was the only one!) etc.

by: marie

i no how u feel i am just the same and this is taking over my life to i cant even look after my own kids when they are ill how silly is that i really need some help with this but i dont no were and how to do it

by: Anonymous

i to suffer all the things written in the above page i do i havent been sick for over 20 years not quite sure how i have done it but intend to keep it that way it really scares me as there is a bug going around at the moment so i feel sick constantly i really wish i wasnt like this but i dont no how to top it can somebody plz HELP

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