With Vitamin B1 Anxiety Is Kept At Bay

With Vitamin B1 anxiety can be controlled. Nevertheless, you need to have a planned diet.

If you are anxious about being anxious, then you can also take Thiamine or Vitamin B-1, daily.

Do not forget to consult the doctor, though.

However, anxiety is not always bad, you know.

Suppose, you are calling on that screen legend, who has just shifted in your neighborhood.
You, walk in with stars in your eyes.

A moody Doberman greets you with a moodier growl.

Your brain reads the anxiety signals and acts accordingly. Muscles become tense and both heartbeat and breathing rate starts galloping. You are ready, to run. However, sometimes the alarm is set off without any reason. THEN, it becomes A PROBLEM.

With regular intake of Vitamin B1 anxiety Disorder is controlled and kept at bay.

With a daily helping of 50 mg of Vitamin B1 anxiety level can be reduced greatly. Vitamin B-1 or Thiamine is a natural stress buster as well as good for the heart and digestion.

It improves memory and is required for treating arthritis, cataract and infertility.

Someone, bedridden with beriberi is known to be up on his own feet in a matter of hours with a dose of Thiamine. Unfortunately, very small amount of this wonderful nutrient is stored naturally in the body.

Moreover, what is more frightening is that it takes only 14 days to hit the lows in the body, unless replenished from outside.

Therefore, it is good to check the Vitamin B-1 content in your diet. Asparagus, Soy milk, Barley, Oats, Wheat, Sunflower seeds, Tuna, Brazil nuts, Salmon, Pork, Duck, fresh Pasta, wheat, Rice, white Avocados and Mussels have Thiamine.

Brown rice is another natural source of vitamin b-1.

“When you take Vitamin B1 anxiety reduces” and this may look like an advertisement but it holds true.

Thiamin is beneficial during anxiety and panic because it facilitates neurotransmitter synthesis. It is also responsible for converting carbohydrates in food into energy and promotes healthy nerve functions.

Vitamin B1 each day keeps depression away.

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