Video Game phobias.

by Ty

I have two major video game phobias. The worst one would be the fear of what will happen when you reach the edge of a map. Some games, you'll hardly notice that there's even an edge there. A good example of this would be games that are on an island, and u cant get in the water. So, you hit the edge and move on, you'll hardly notice because you can see water for miles and honestly haven't a clue where it ends, and it doesn't matter. Other games, like one of the old Sim City games, the edge of the map is indicated by just a plain black area. This, would be the type of games that scare me. Idk what will happen when I reach the edge of a video game map, because every game is different. It's scary to find out, because idk if I will fall off? Or if it will just look like a black hole. I first noticed this phobia way back when I played one of the first Sim City games. It wasn't clear to me that I had a phobia of it when recently I tried Minecraft Demo for the PS3 edition. I got as high as I could go and noticed that the edge of the map had a certain fog effect. This was when I set out to make a journey to the edge of the world. I took a boat down the river as far as I would let myself go. I was afraid to keep going any further by boat, for my fear that something terrible would happen to me, and I would fall in the water or something. So I traveled the rest of the way by land. I got to the edge of the island and noticed that there was no edge on the island, but it had to be out in the water some ways. I gathered enough balls to send myself out into the ocean, just me and no boat this time. I didn't want to look directly at the edge when I got there, so i turned myself sideways and continued. It didn't take long, but I did eventually hit the invisible wall at the very edge of everything. PHEW! I am so glad I got that over with. Not only did I face my fear, but I also figured out what really happens when you get to the edge of minecraft. My second video game fear, is the fear of swimming in deep water. I myself am not fond of being underwater, for I hold my head out of the water when I swim, and it takes me a minutes to get used to it. I get the fear of water from my Gramma. This phobia isn't anywhere near as bad as my fear of the edge of video game maps, but it still is a touchy subject, as I'm sure it is for many ppl. I've looked for the name of my fear [of the edge of video game maps] and there doesn't seem to be one. If anyone else feels the same way I do, write a post and lets get this recognized! -Tyz_666 @PS3

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