How To Recover From Vasovagal Syncope Blood Phobia

What does the term vasovagal syncope blood phobia refer to? When one is afraid of blood, needle or injection the rate of blood pressure and heart rate experience a sudden drop in momentum and this condition is usually referred to as vasovagal syncope.

A close analysis reveals that vasovagal is a term which refers to the relation between blood vessels (vaso) and nerves (vagal) and the term syncope just relates a condition of fainting.

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If you are suffering from vasovagal syncope blood phobia, you will always have the tendency to avoid taking injections and sights or scenes of bloodshed.

What usually happens during vasovagal syncope blood phobia
During such a condition, there is a sudden lapse in your level of blood pressure due to an excessive relaxation of peripheral blood vessels, which ultimately results in tacychardia.

This particular phobic situation is instigated by a condition of terrible pain or fear leading to nausea, respiratory trouble and fainting. Some may even show signs of cardiac disorder.

How to detect the presence of vasovagal syncope blood phobia
Have you heard of tilt table testing? Yes, it is a trusted way of detecting whether you have the tendency of suffering from vasovagal syncope blood phobic condition.

Two most common occurrences with this phobic variety include symptomatic hypotension and bradycardia. These symptoms are consistently apparent during head up tilt along with neurally interceded vasovaggal syncope.

The main reason behind this studied analysis was to verify the presence of the proposition that when you experience fainting just as a response to blood or injury stimuli you have a legitimate autonomic substrate that are predisposed to vasovagal syncope during head up tilt.

The common symptoms of vasovagal syncope blood phobia

  • Nausea and vomiting tendencies are quite common

  • Patients usually become quite unresponsive say for less than a minute

  • After coming back to consciousness patients try to identify themselves and their surroundings

  • The patents become pale as white as a sheet of paper

  • They feel warm and experience a constant sweating

Treatment prescribed for vasovagal syncope blood phobia
Other than behavioral therapy, this particular phobic condition can be best treated with pharmacological interventions.

However, the introducers of this concept are of the opinion that pharmacologically induced attenuation of syncopal episodes may be able to contribute a lot in the proper elimination and diminution of this phobic condition.

How to treat vasovagal syncope blood phobia with the help of NLP
NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is all about giving form to our reality. According to NLP we suffer from vasovagal syncope phobia due to the malfunctioning of the programs and constructs within our brain.

However, with the help of my NLP phobia release program you can successfully reveal and reprogram these mental constructs for the proper elimination of blood phobia.

Posted by Jan Heering
Master Coach, psychological trainer and author
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