Valentine’s Day Bouquet of Specials!

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I can’t help but to think what would be the ideal Valentine’s Day. I keep coming up with same answer. Sound mind . Everything else seems to fall into place from that.

So I have created a Valentine’s Day special to help you achieve sound mind. I am offering four manuals and one special report, collectively known as “The Whole Bouquet” for an incredible half-off price of $75.00!

All of these materials combined normally sell for $150.00, but I am offering all of them to you for Valentine’s Day at the low price of $75.00. But you must order before midnight on Valentine’s Day. The clock is ticking…

Order The Whole Bouquet and have the best Valentine’s Day you’ve had in years! The best part is what you will achieve from these materials last well beyond Valentine’s Day

Phobia Release Program

You can start living life unhindered with the aid of my PHOBIA RELEASE Program. Your phobia has held you captive long enough, hindering your life, and making life less enjoyable. In this how-to-manual I teach you proven, effective techniques to release your phobia for good.

You don’t have to live life like this anymore. No one has to live in fear; just not everyone knows how to break away from it. You now have the opportunity to break free from it and live life fully.

With this fast method, you can be phobia free in just 10 minutes a day!. You have nothing to lose…but quality of life to gain.

For more information on the Phobia Release manual, please see
Phobia Release Program
(You’ll also see that this must-have manual is regularly priced at $49.90.)

Energy Therapy Fast Phobia Release Manual

You can vanquish your phobia even quicker with the help of my Energy Therapy Fast Phobia Release manual.

Studies are showing Energy Therapy to be the best technique for releasing phobias and fears as it is proven to be quickly effective, safe, and long-lasting.
Eliminate the myths and the unsuccessful methods. Avoid paying an arm and a leg for something that doesn’t work and don’t even think about taking a pill.

Instead, utilize a 2000 year old method that has been successful time and time again. How can you go wrong?

For more information on this manual, please see
Energy Therapy Phobia Release
(You’ll see that this astounding manual is regularly priced at $29.95.)

Personal Power Instantly Manual

My PERSONAL POWER INSTANTLY manual is a very sought-after manual teaches you how to obtain great personal power from within.

Not only will you find your confidence, you’ll become aware of your own self-worth and carry that in stride throughout your life. Personal power comes from inner strength.

In this manual, I teach you how to find that inner strength deep down and how to bring it up to the surface and use it for supreme personal empowerment.

That is something no one can take away from you. Get a boost on yourself and get a boost on life.

For more information on the Personal Power manual, please visit
Personal Power Instantly
(You’ll see that this powerful manual is regularly priced at $ 29.95 )

High Self Esteem Instantly Manual

My High Self-Esteem Instantly manual will assist you to very quickly break out of that mental cage of low self-esteem and take life by the hands. Your hands!

No more living life in bondage and feeling suffocated.

This manual teaches you the very effective techniques you need to take control of your life.
These amazing techniques only take a few minutes! And they are permanent!

Once you’ve broken free, there is no going back. Or rather I should say, there is no more holding you back! Take this step and take care of yourself. It’s past time you did.

For more information on this manual, please see
High Self Esteem Instanly
(You’ll see this incredible manual is regularly priced at $29.95).

Special Report: The Serenity Stress Relief Package

This is the ultimate Valentine’s Day reprieve. For those that are stressed out with work, kids, marriage, finances, health, the daily grind, or anything else that is stressful to you, this special report is for you!

The Serenity Stress Relief Package consists of 3 awesome stress-relieving exercises that can benefit anyone. (And think how much money you will save for not having to go to the day spa!)

The exercises include:

    7 Breaths Stress Releaser – this amazing exercise releases your stress and leaves you feeling calm in just 7 deep breaths

    Quick Relaxation – this incredible technique allows you to feel completely refreshed in just two short minutes

    Negative Thoughts Release – this exercise demonstrates how you can quickly eliminate negative thoughts through an effortless visualization technique

Save that money from not going to the spa over and over again. Instead, invest a little in this special report and learn these unique and effective techniques that you can use any time you need for the rest of your life! The regular price of this amazing report is $11.

Valentine’s Day Bouquet of Specials!

When you order The Whole Bouquet, you get all four manuals above PLUS the special report on The Serenity Stress Relief Package for an inexpensive $75.00! That is half off the original price!

When you order The Whole Bouquet, you get

    The Phobia Release Program
    (regular price $49.90)

    The Energy Therapy Fast Phobia Release manual
    (regular price $29.95)

    The Personal Power Instantly manual
    (regular price $29.95)

    The High Self-Esteem Instantly manual
    (regular price $29.95)

    Special Report: The Serenity Stress Relief Package
    (regular price $11.00)

All of this for merely $75.00? Yes! Half-off of the original price of $150.00 as my way of helping you achieve sound mind this Valentine’s. You can’t beat that!

The last day to order is midnight on Valentine’s Day, so don’t delay. Order now!

You will be downloading and learning from this breakthrough information within just a few minutes!

Remember, there's absolutely no risk.

In case you are not completely satisfied with the program even after 56 days of downloading it, just send an email and I will cheerfully refund your money; you can keep back the whole bouquet with you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Start living life in a healthy, calm manner.

Jan Heering
Master Coach
Founder and President of Morpheus Institute
Top Psychological Trainer
Leading Mental Coach
Successful Author

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