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I'm Here
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem. I've always wanted to be a vet, but i just cant because of the blood. I'm serious, it gives me the creeps.

You're not the only one
by: Anonymous

If anything like that comes on TV, I hit the mute quickly and then turn the channel. I get chills and my adrenaline kicks into high gear. I am generally very upset for the rest of the day and often can't sleep well after seeing/hearing about that sort of thing.

I can't stand listening to anyone talk about their medical stuff either because they always seem to need to do so in such detail. I ask them to stop and they say, "but it was only (fill in the blank)" and I STILL freak out. What upsets me the most is they never listen when I ask them to stop.

I gave up going to movies, too. I used to have a good friend who was kind enough to watch things before me and warn me of anything medical in them so I could stay away. But, there are always previews before movies that have that stuff in them it seems. Now I just rent stuff so at least I can forward through any previews.

I understand where you are coming from and you are not alone.

You're not alone
by: Anonymous

No you're not alone. I hate, HATE... hate all of those things. I jump up off of the sofa, run out of the room and shake. If I stay on the sofa, I feel like my body starts to feel like the operations are actually done to ME... and not to the person on tv, even if I don't watch it but just hear the sound! And it seems like nowadays there are SO MANY of those things shown on TV.

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