Types of Social Phobias

People are unconscious about most types of social phobias. Unknowingly, we often fall victim of a few social phobias types. The scope and extent of social phobias vary.

People may suffer from a specific type of phobia, for example, fear of speaking in a public place.

Before going into the details of the types of social phobias, let us learn what a social phobia actually is. Any phobia is a fear. Most of us fear about some thing(s) in our lives. Some of us may be frightened when atop a high-rise or while coming down in an elevator. We even get frightened at the sight of a spider or any such animals or objects.

These fears turn into phobias when they interrupt our course of enjoyment or natural flow of activities. When we continue to feel uncomfortable around people and avoid people at the extreme cases, doctors say that we suffer from phobias and not mere fear.

There are two main types of social phobias. The first type is ‘general social phobia’. When suffering from this, you tend to worry when you have to be the centre of attraction amongst other people.

You feel nervous about other people looking at you and watching your activities. You feel frightened when introduced to other people and even worry about eating and drinking in public. It may be difficult for you to visit restaurants and other public places.

The second type is ‘specific social phobia’. This affects those classes of people who need to be the centre of attention as part of their daily routine and have to speak or perform amongst a larger audience.

Actors, musicians, sales persons, union leaders and teachers are prospective victims. People suffering from this phobia are often at ease when mingling with other people but feel nervous and ‘dried up’ when they need to talk or perform.

These two types of social phobias affect 1 to 2% men and 2 to 3% women globally. It casts a significant impact on the victims’ social lives. They and their families often miss out many social events. These two phobias prevent the victims to visit their children’s’ school, go for shopping and even visit a dentist. Many professionals even forego promotions at workplace though being quite capable.

At the worst case, these types of social phobias may lead to panic attacks. The victim may feel highly anxious and lose bodily control. These alarming panic attacks rise quickly and ebb gradually, leaving the victim exhausted both physically and mentally.

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