Recognizing Types Of Fear And Phobias

There are three essential types of fear and phobias – Specific Phobia, Agoraphobia and Social Phobia. However, hundred and thousand of phobic conditions fall under each group and as the level of complexity in modern life is growing leaps and bounds, the list of fears and phobias will keep on extending.

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Specific Phobia
This kind of phobia makes you afraid of small creatures like spiders, lizards and snakes. When you have this fear, you can as well feel apprehensive about enclosed areas or heights. Thus, you do not feel like getting into lifts or aircrafts.

When you feel you will not be able to escape or avoid certain situations or circumstances in life it can be so that you are suffering from agoraphobia.

The other name for agoraphobia is fear of public places. When you have agoraphobia, you become panicky and it becomes difficult for you to get rid of unnecessary trepidations in life.

Agoraphobia is one of those fears in case of which

  • You avoid getting into planes, buses and trains

  • You don't feel like visiting places like restaurants and cinema halls

  • You feel afraid to enter crowded and cooped up public places

  • You feel as if you will be entrapped if you climb a bridge or get into a lift

Social Phobia
It is one of those fears when you are extremely afraid of social abuses. You do not feel like talking to unknown people. You feel that giving a social speech is impossible for you and you feel quite disturbed when you are asked to make social approaches.

Irrespective of how many types of fear and phobias exists, the rate or the intensity of the condition can be mild, can be moderate or it can even be extreme.

Phobias can turn highly dangerous and can easily disrupt the normal flow of your existence. Types of fear and phobias can make you immobile both where you work and reside.

Among the three, social phobia and agoraphobia are the most complex and perturbing. They are mainly caused due to genetic and hereditary factors, chemistry of the brain and a fine combination of several experiences of life.

How to treat different types of fear and phobias with self-help NLP techniques
All types of fear and phobias can be rightly eliminated with the help of self-help Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques. With the help of these procedures, you can create reality for yourself and change your mental “constructs”.

Once the fear leaves, you become a different person performing with more ease and confidence both in life and career.

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