by Afiqah
(Sungai Buloh, Malysia)

I've been having this issue since I was a kid. I'm not afraid of these stuff though. I'm just sort of disgusted of 'em. Sometimes to a point of shivering.

The best way to describe my phobia is Tyrophobia. I cannot stand buttons. Especially a bunch of buttons. Worst, A LOT of buttons. Therefore, I cannot accept the phrase "cute as a button". That's just ridiculous!

I remember puking after looking at buttons on my friend's clothes when I was about 5 years old.

Other stuff that I can't stand include intricate brooches/jewellery, papaya seeds, small version of metal nappy pins, stuff like pins, and anything with clustered holes/circles. It becomes worst and more unacceptable to a point of me blurring my vision if these things are wet or in the toilet/bathroom/etc.


FIY, I've only found out that there's a name for this condition & thought I was the only person with this issue. In fact, I've only admitted to having this problem to my family & closest friend a few years back.

I used to line my fingers/hand with a tissue paper or a part of my sleeve whenever people ask me to hold on to their brooch/jewellery.

It somehow disappoints me a bit though, knowing that it's not exactly an official phobia and that most psychologists are not even aware of it.

I'm hoping that someone could step up & do more research about it in order to provide scientific explanation for us who actually (in a way) suffer from it.

P/S: I wanted to upload a picture of an example of something that would make me cringe due to this so-called Trypophobia. But, I couldn't 'cos I can't even stand seeing them myself. Sorry.

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