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I Have it
by: Anonymous

yes i have it too ive been looking for a name for it

me too!
by: chris

I have activelly been searching for a reason for this discovered about a year ago certain images together will make me very unsettled to the point i have to leave the room.certain shapes together behives the commercial currently on with the dogs in futuristic iron suits gives me nightmares. sometimes just a certain patern in a pillow or a picture will make me unsettle to the point i wont look at it, im not sure i would actually call it a fear but more that i find the images unsettleing thanks everyone for posting i thought i was going crazy!

by: 965Col

Wow! I learned about phobias in health today and realized that this was mine! The funny thing is, my best friend and I both have this really bad! I get really itchy mostly on my head and I get Goosebumps. Ugh I hate clusters!

Me too!
by: Anonymous

I have this too. I just googled trypophobia and there were some horrible pictures of clusters. It made my hands go weak and my fingers tingle. I wonder how I came to have this phobia? Maybe something in my childhood triggered it.

by: Anonymous

My son and I both have this phobia. We have the same reactions, mine is more intense to the point where I scratch and get the hives. Not every grouping of particular thing bothers me as long as the pattern is in some type of symmetry. However, I am completely unnerved by clusters of: bug eggs, sunflowers, grooves, wormholes, cracks in the mud,centers of canteloupes/honeydews, particular patterns, holes, bottoms of mushrooms, layers of small flat objects. -to name a few- my son and I share this phobia. It can progress to nightmares, esp. If we see something so horrendous to us. Also, once one of us sees something, the thought won't go away and we become rattled. We thought we were the only ones, such as the both of yoy. But I found there's a large number of people who share this "cluster/pattern phobia". You are not alone.

Me too
by: Abbey

I have this phobia as well. Actually, I cannot even stand that word, the one that starts with a c. When I look at something like that, or think about it, i feel as if the holes are in my body and I have to rub my skin or scratch to make the feeling go away. You are definitely not alone, as I know two other people who feel this way. I'm not sure however, if it's hereditary.

by: Anonymous

Hey, I think there was a page about trypophobia already but yes! I know what you mean!

All my friends look at me like I'm mental or something and ask me if I have issues or something..
I'm just so glad I'm not alone!! Lots of barnacles and ugh I was looking at stomata in biology I was literally shrivelling up and gagging.. Ewwwwwwww

by: Charlotte

I know a friend with this, I wouldn't call it a phobia but she gets very uncomfortable and cannot look at a small cluster of small dots together.

You are not alone
by: L. H.

What you wrote is my sentiments exactly. It mirrors me and my daughter. I never mentioned it to her or anyone else and then one day she freaked out over somethig she saw and that's when I knew we shared this fear of clusters. It's weird and made me feel weird whenever I would see something and it only bothered me.

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