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trypophobia is real
by: Anonymous

One night I was explaining my fear to my bf & at the time I didn't know that it was an actual fear, I just thought that I was weird & alone until he did some research & found out that other people have the same phobia as do. It felt good knowing that someone else feels the same irrational fear & disgust that I do towards these clusters of circles (ewww the thought of it irks me) anyway I begged my bf not to show me any pics & I unfortunately trusted him & he totally ignored me & sent me a picture that he found online that was labelled the trypophobia test! I slammed the laptop shut & started to cry! It was the worse thing everrrrr, he had no idea how serious trypophobia was until he tested me, people may find it extremely ridiculous or think its a joke but its not, its a real fear

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