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ask for help yourself urgent
by: Anonymous

please see a doctor probably this phobia was triggered by other thing illness . Foe example I have ocd and it necame an obsession now I am under medication and treatment I completely undrstand you.

Tripophobia too
by: Anonymous

I just posted a comment for tripophobia before reading yours. It's awful. Have a read of mine. I'm wondering if the fear stems from an experience in a former life. That would explain your dreams. Have a look at the holes a botfly larvae leaves in a person's skin. it's truly disgusting.

Same situation
by: Wandile Khambule

I also have tripophobia this started when I washing a pot of porridge and only to find out that it had burnt underneath so there were holes and I couldn't stop rubbing my nose,because I have sinuses. So every time I see holes I rub my nose and turn red. I also think that I need help,if I don't I'll never be okay

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