Thunderstorms have consumed my life

by joanne
(penrith )

hi,my name is joanne and have suffered from brontophobia all my life.Every day consists of studying the weather details in detail constantly throughout the day,if it says thunderstorms i have to put a plan in action,the plan maybe to go hang out at the local shopping centre or underground carpark,i cant hear it or see it there,or i beg someone to come over and im usually hysterical,if someone is here at the time,i will not let them leave.when it starts my kids get a blanket to put ova my head and go into a dark place inside me,ive recently got an ipod,which helps,though i might go deaf lol.

one day a storm was coming so i ran to the shopping centre but it beat me so i ran into this old ladies house hysterical and she refused me in and im begging her"you dont understand im scared help me" she thougt i was crazy.i have lots of stories how the fear has effected my life,im 39 and it gets worse as time goes on.

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