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53 yr. old woman with Thunderstorm phobia
by: Anonymous

I have had a fear of thunderstorms my entire life and I am 53. When I am home I go into my basement in a finished area that has no windows...I still have to plug my ears tight...if its real local I will drink beer or wine and sometimes cry... I once went to a doctor that explained that every time you don't face your fear and you hide from it you are reinforcing the fear and making it worse...I can see I have done that over the years. Its the idea that a sudden big bang could hit when lightning might just strike real local, that thought puts me over the edge.. I can't think of an incident that caused this phobia. But I also just can't understand why most everyone isn't afraid of it. Once several years back when my kids were little I had an embarrassing occasion. I heard a little thunder in the distance and thought I shouldn't get so scared, not unless it is real local. There was a carnival near by and I took my 3 kids and two neighbor kids to it. But the storm came local and quite fast and I was caught under a cotton candy tent and HYSTERICAL. on the ground plugging my ears, crying... They were so worried about me they radioed a truck to come in to the park to get me...
I also do not like any sudden bangs, booms...I don't care for balloons...I hate loud fire crackers, M80's and people setting those off in the neighborhood on 4th of July makes me hate 4th of July...

by: NorCal

Ever consider moving?

I live on the Northern California coast. I've lived here 5yrs and we've had ONE measely little thunderstorm (if that's what you call it). Maybe 2 claps of thunder and a couple lightning flashes.

Point being, we don't get thunderstorms here, it just rains a lot. I know lots of adults that grew up here and have shared their feelings on thunder and lightning. Because they aren't used to it, it scares them.

Earthquakes on the other hand...we get those :oP

I also have acute brontophobia
by: Raul Morales Marrero

Joanne,I also have acute brontophobia that is also screwing my plans to be a golfer and to do thing of daily life before and during summer.

I also tend to hide into the restrooms when I see dark clouds with lightning sparks and thunder booms,incoming and during the t-storms,during the hurricane season in Puerto Rico from Jnne thru Novemmber.

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