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Thunder Storm Phobia

In thunder storm phobia, it is the sound that disturbs the ears and mental association. Therefore, if you are a victim of fear of thunder storms you may just feel that one single bang is enough to create a great distortion of mind.

Jan Heering

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However, thunderstorm phobia is known by other names too. You often hear people referring it as astraphobia, astrapophobia, brontophobia, keraunophobia, ceraunophobia and tonitrophobia.

Most people suffering from thunder storm phobia deny admitting their condition. Thus, for years their condition of fear remains untreated.

A prolonged phobic condition can result in panic attacks and convulsions. Therefore, instant initiative is required to treat this unnecessary condition of fear and phobia.

You simply cannot imagine how fanatically people suffering from thunderstorm phobia react to certain situations. They keep on changing the channels of the television for the latest weather forecast.

They call up friends asking for news of approaching thunderstorms.

They prefer to stay at home and always worry about impending death.

Such victims of thunderstorm phobia become extra observant and extra protective about themselves.

Exposure is one of the treatment solutions for such victims. You can play records of thunderstorms or show the victim video clippings of thunder situations. You have to do it casually without letting the victim realize the purpose of the action.

But there are high chances for an exposure theory to become unsuccessful. Instantly in the presence of others, the victim may try to act normal giving others an impression that nothing is wrong with him.

Later again during conditions of thunder and lightning the victim starts reacting abnormally.

Statistics reveal that each year around 66 people die as a result of thunder storm phobia.

Therefore, it is essential to know how such conditions of thunder storm phobia can be best combated enabling normal and healthy existence.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is however, one of the successful methods of treating acute phobic conditions.

Once you are successfully cured, you would never again feel harassed and endangered in life.

Nature’s occurrence is a form of reality, which has to be accepted with a rational mind.  

Posted by Jan Heering
Master Coach, psychological trainer and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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