This claustrophobia has crippled my life

by starla

I was not claustrophobic until a few years ago. One day to the next I couldn't go into an elevator. I then realised I couldn't get in the back of a two door car, or ride in the middle of two people in a pickup truck. I definately can't fly!

I met someone who loves to hunt so I went in the woods with him, not thinking anything at all about it and as we got deeper and deeper into the woods that feeling of painc started coming over me and I thought what if I can't find my way out of here? everything looked the same in the woods and it started to feel closed in!

It is so scary to think of being stuck somewhere and not being able to get out.

My friends all are going on a cruise in November and asked me to go. At First I thought "Yes" Then I started thinking "What if I feel scared because we are in the middle of the ocean and I can't get off the ship"?

This claustrophobia has crippled my life. It is a very sad thing when fear stops you from living a "So called normal life" Like I said it came out of no where and I am praying it will leave all of the sudden.

My dad does suffer with agrophobia. I don't know if the two are related at all but I think I would rather have claustrophobia. At least I can get out and go places!

I pray everyone that has this can be set free as I am praying I am.


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