They want to eat me

by Brittany

every where i go i have to watch at least a few steps ahead. im terrified to walk off of my porch in the summer time. i cant play outside when there are piles of leaves on the ground. and walking in the woods is a definate no.

i have ophidiophobia, a morbid fear of snakes. if i even see a snake in a book or on tv i collapse in fear. i cant breathe i start crying uncontrollably i sweat and my whole body seems to go into convulsions. most of the time i cant hear or see anyone else around me and i dont remember the experience at all.

i go into a trance and all i can think is "its going to eat me" i just cant get the image of the snake attacking me out of my head. simply taking about it gives me the chills. they are faster and stronger than me and even if you run theres no way you can get away.

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