the scream

by jack

i like watching scary movies i am not afraid of any villain apart from one the scream.My phobia started when i was a child after watching the scream with my cousins one of them dressed like the scream wore high hill shoes came to my room and after turning of the lights before entering he appeared in front of me i was so scared i even had a panick attack from that dayi could not watch the scream any more. I have not overcome my fear yet but i know a very risky method that could help me.If one of my friends dressed like the scream came to my house(with out revealing his identity) and started chasing me around until i was forced to stop running and face him (come face to face ) maybe that would help me over come my fear because the best way to over come a fear is to look it in it's eyes but of course this can be to risky because i might have an other panic attack

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