The Phobia that drives everyone away

by Rose

I'm 19 years old. I have always been outgoing and very social. I was a big ball of confidence. I traveled with a compitition softball team, i spoke in front of the school countless times. But in the past six months my life as i knew it fell down all around me.

Now i have trouble leaving the house. I will do almost anything to avoid public places. I'll go to the store in the middle of the night.

I'm a mother of a three year old, a nursing student, and in a comitted relationship. My home and school are the only places that i feel comfortable in because i spend all day everyday in either place. But my boyfriend gets irritated with me because i'm a little antisocial, i don't like going bowling with a lot of people, i don't like going "out" to movies or dinner or hang out with his friends.

This phobia of mine is driving everybody away from me. I tried relaxation techniques, pills, drinking. nothing has helped. the bible says "this too shall pass" but i'm not very patient, and if this is some kind of torture, GOD I SURENDER!

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