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a different view
by: Anonymous

Sounds like it could be depression.

I feel you!

i am 22,in a commited relationship and we just had our 1st baby january 2nd, 2009. my whole pregnancy was terrible, since i had to throw away all my methods of coping with my small attempts to be social, and like you, not wait till the world is asleep to go to the store. before i got pregnant i used herion regularly. and exctasy atleast 5 nights a week. and i was perscibed to xanax, suboxone, and adderall. i was a self-medicating queen, but now i look back and realize a was slowly killling myself and the people who love me.
in the end its all about what you are willing to do for the people in your life. what's better? to miss your babies first's in life so you could dwell on your somewhat controlled life? the more you hold your breath and take the plunge the easier it gets. and always remember to be honest about your inner crazy to the ones who love you the most. and always remember that we are the way we are cuz we need to learn and be better, that includes everyone in your life. they have something to learn too.
tynybubz at

by: Anonymous

Agoraphobia- Fear of open spaces or of being in crowded, public places like markets. Fear of leaving a safe place.

If you have this (as it seems) then I advise bringing someone with you to places (someone you trust) then slowly try to venture away from them.
If you've become afraid of other people, try carrying pepperspray with you or something.

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