The Truth About The Phobia For Open Doors

The phobia for open doors is specifically a kind of fear during which you are afraid to step outside or visit open spaces. As a victim of the fear of open doors, you feel as if a step outside can cause you death and distress.

Have you ever met or come across home sick people. Such individuals hate traveling. Their home is the entire world to them. This phobic condition can be referred to as agoraphobia or the fear of open space.

It is in fact a feeling of insecurity, which makes you feel that once you are alone in an unknown destination there are lesser chances for you to escape or seek help in case of impending dangers.

Victims of agoraphobia tend to avoid situations like crowded marketplace, theaters, busy streets and closed places.

Causes of agoraphobia or the phobia for open doors
Causes of agoraphobia or the phobia for open doors has not been properly known until recently. Some experts have the opinion that children who spent more time with their mothers for several years experienced less psychological developments.

They prefer to stay under protection even when they grow up and develop a strong sense of dependence. This is what you may generally refer to as agoraphobia.

In fact, a combination of several experiences in life, psychological traits and genetic factors have given shape to the phobia for open doors.

Common symptoms of the phobia for open doors

  • You tend to sweat a lot
  • You find it difficult to breathe properly
  • Your hearty starts pounding fast
  • You feel dizzy and sick

Such a feeling of insecurity is found to be predominant in those who are likely to step in their adulthood from adolescence.

It is in fact a turning phase of their life accompanied by several mood swings and new feelings and thoughts.

An instance of agoraphobia
People who are timorous and hesitant by birth are easy victims of phobia for open doors. If you are agoraphobic, there are strong chances for you to feel depressed in the later part of your life.

Other phobic conditions like claustrophobia comes and accompanies your condition making you feel more helpless than before.

How does a victim of phobia for open doors feel?
If you are agoraphobic you may feel as if you may die out of heart failure. You are afraid that you may behave in a distorted fashion. You also tend to lose control over your behaviors and emotions and have the fear of experiencing a stroke.

Sometimes you may also feel that you would die out of suffocation.

Treatment of agoraphobia or the phobia for open doors
Neuro Linguistic Programming is the best way to treat most phobic conditions and cases of agoraphobia or the phobia for open doors are no exceptions.

NLP makes a deliberate attempt in recognizing those patterns, which drive your fear and help you replace those fears with more encouraging and useful patterns.

NLP will simply help you change the construct of your mind and think positively for a fearless prosperous future. Indeed NLP is the best way to combat the phobia for open doors.

Posted by Jan Heering
Master Coach, psychological trainer and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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