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by: Anonymous

When I was young I too was afrid of the dark. However, I came to learn later in life, since I have a sleep disorder which is partly characterised by severe nightmares, that made it much worse. When I realized that my sleep disorder was playing a role in my fear of the dark, I began to lose the phobia. Do you sleep ok? Do you have really bad nightmares?

Another thing that helped me was when I heard my brother say the folowing, "There is really no difference between night and day, just the fact that there is not as much light." Really there are no big changes in the environment just because it is dark and that you can't see much.

I also grown to like the fact of sitting in a dark room after a hard day at work. I find it to be relaxing and comforting. I often come home from work at night and sit on my rocking chair in an utter dark room. I love that...

RE: the fear of the dark.
by: Michael G

I am 21 and ABSOLUTELY terrified of the dark. In fact, when I'm in the basement and the electricity goes out, it's stupid, but I plug my ears, odd, but it's true, same thing when I'm in my bedroom. What's creepy is that the entire area's pitch black and you can't see anything. During blackouts or power hits, this happens to me. I shudder sometimes when this happens as well. I'm glad I only had to deal with this 3-4 times a year and not every night during London's nightly blackout drills where when you heard the air raid sirens, you would turn off ALL your lights and pull down black shades down and putting the city LITERALLY in the dark.

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