The Fear of Showing My Face

by Kyto
(Ontaro, Canada)

Since I was a kid I always felt uncomfortable with showing my face. I use to be so anxious about it that I would have to go home from school several times. As I grew older though I just find it really uncomfortable and it makes me disturbed. I have a beautiful face for a guy, don't get me wrong, I've had people compliment me on it but that only makes me more uncomfortable. I'm 16 now and to this day I still can't put my finger on why I don't like showing my face. Maybe it just exposes me for who I am. I don't exactly follow in with the crowd and I'm viewed as a little crazy. Despite this fear, I am a very social person; very expressive and open but just, a bit off. For a few years I've taken up a hobby in mask making and really enjoy it. I've gotten my school board to allow me to wear masks in school. People give me a lot of attention because of it which I'm actually able to handle now because my face isn't exposed. The part I like about being in Canada is it's fine to wear a mask in public so long as you have no criminal intentions. I've never hurt anybody and I'm actually known very well in my neighbourhood as "that guy who wears the mask." Thank you for reading.

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