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My 2 year old has this issue!
by: Luz Mendez

My daughter is 2 but this started when she was about a year and a half. It started in the kitchen. She would see any cabinet door and should say, "cose" for us to close the door. We thought it was funny at first, but then she kept saying close to anything that was open. Now you barely open a door and she's telling us to close it already. She doesn't get scared of open doors so it's not a phobia. It's more like something she can't stand. And she will not stop repeating close until you close it. (:

by: Anonymous

Even in broad daylight I get anxious around open doors. Every time I see one I just get a vague feeling like something bad is about to happen and I'm going to get caught off-guard by it... I wish there was an actual name for it, though unfortunately I can't seem to find one other than (apparently) the ridiculous sounding 'opendoorphobia'.

I'm sorry I made fun of phobia name scientists... Please make a name for this one.

Another doorway nut here
by: Anonymous-me

I am surprised there are others like me and here I thought I was crazy or maybe I am crazy and everyone else who posted is as well :) Anyways I believe mine is a little mild as I don't feel as if it is a fear per say because I can still function somewhat, but If there is an open door in the room it is extremely unsettling to me, I can't focus, my mind starts racing, hear beats faster, and I can't focus on what I am doing for instance if I am studying. I am no medical professional, but I believe it may be something that was triggered by an "event" that happened when I was a child. Now I don't necessarily believe in ghost, but when I was a little boy I woke up one night to find a little boy staring at me who was standing in the doorway. It was then when I was young was when this phobia started. Now as I grown adult, if the door is open specifically if it is dark from the other side I can't through to the room or the empty space, this is what is in settling, As if something is starting at me while I am studying or as if I will look at the door and someone will be standing in it and I when I look away they are gone. I don't know but it is just something I deal with and I don't go around telling people either, except of course here but nobody knows who I am on the Internet so I'm ok there.

open doors
by: Christian

OMG Hannah I have the same exact thing as you. I can easily deal with an open closet or area that is inside a room that is open. But the door to the hallway or outside the room is the worst am only 12 and in school when they put me near the door and leave it open I always ask to go to the bathroom and when I return close it. I am often afraid if a shooter is ever present I'll get shot first. But its not just that its the idea of being near the door and something dangerous coming in. I am wiked scared of open doors but I can usually somewhat handel it if I am far away from the door, its really weird and its no agoraphobia because I love the city and being in public so I don't know what it is.

Strange thing
by: Anonymous

I've been uncomfortable with open doors since I was about 8 years old but they only bother me at night. If it's daytime and the door is open, I can see what's on the other doesn't bother me. At night, when the door is open and dark...I can't stnad it. I have to close it. If I see the door is open, I try to leave it but I find that I can't look a way. I just stare at it, waiting for something or someone to come in. Finally, my heart starts racing and my mind gets going and I just have to close it.

My sister is the same way. I've always attributed this to our abusive childhood and years of waiting for the boogie man to come through the door at night because we always knew he would. But recently, my niece has been expressing the same anxiety over dark open door ways. After a certain time of day, with out anyone saying anything to her, she'll just get up and start asking if she can close doors because it "creeps her out." I know for a fact that her childhood has been loving and protective (I live with her so I'm certain), nothing like ours, so now I wonder...what else can trigger this anxiety?

Fear of any Open door
by: Anonymous

Same problem with me People like i am in the Living room it has 6 Doors Bathroom/Kitchen/Bedroom1/Bedroom2/Hall/Livingroom2. all of them have doors and any door open i have to close it kitchen open i close it Bathroom open i close any door i close it and i don't know why i just Feel Uncomfortable as i keep looking at the door being open more and more so i close it and if it is open my heart keeps beating so Fast unless i close the door i know it is not agorphobia(sorry if i spell it wrong) i just fear open doors. but i am glad i am not the only one Thanks people

by: Anonymous

I hate it when people answer this question with "agoraphobia." Agoraphobia is the fear of open SPACES, not open doors. I have a fear/hatred of open doors where if someone leaves a door open, I HAVE to close it. My sisters all know this, so they leave the doors open just to annoy me. It sucks.
And your answer is: opendoorphobia. Seriously.
Scientists realized the long names of phobias were being ridiculed (did you know that hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia is the fear of long words?) so they stopped giving phobias long names. Now, if you have a phobia, you just put the fear in front of the word "phobia" and there you go!

Close the door already!
by: Anonymous

I can't be sane if I'm in a room where the entrance is open. Other doors can be open. It doesn't bother me that much. If the entrance to the room is open, however, then I'll start to lose my sanity. Sometimes I'll start to become kind of 'twitchy'. My instinct is to close the door, so I'll try to get up and go over to the door. However, my brain tells me to stay sitting so I look normal when I'm around other people. So, I'll be trying to get up, but at the same time, I'll be trying to stay seated. I usually end up just twitching in place for a while, and eventually, I have to get up and close the door.

I don't think I'm completely sane in my life right now...

my fear of open doors
by: Anonymous

may be something happened to you when you were young. my fear of open doors started when i was like 5. and i would always keep my closet door light on but the door shut. it didnt help that i thought my house was haunted and one night i woke up and the closet door was open and i saw a lady in my closet. whatever could have caused this to happen definitely freaked me out. and now any door around me has to be closed. its weird.

The fear of open doors, continued.
by: Anonymous

I believe what you are feeling is definitely a form of anxiety and OCD combined. It is extraordinarily common for both to be intermingled. Try breathing slowly and focus on something else instead of the open doors. If this doesn't work, maybe it's a good idea to seek professional help - I did & it seems to be working so far!

Same Thing
by: Anonymous

I've noticed the same thing about myself. I attribute it to the idea that if the door is closed, then when it is being opened I won't be surprised that someone is suddenly in the room because I will have seen or heard it being open. Furthermore, I close all of the doors in a hallway, which I think may be because I can hear a thief in the house, and have time to hide or find a weapon. However irrational all of these feelings might be.

sympathy for fear of open doors
by: Anonymous

I'm terribly uncomfortable with open doors as well. I also have to check to make sure that certain doors are closed- phobia and obsession unfortunately. it's difficult live with, especially when people find out about this! i will even wake up from a deep deep sleep when someone comes in to open the door at night.

Open doors
by: hannah

I AM THE SAME WAY!!! i cant stand being in a room with the door being open! i have no trouble with open closets or lockers, its just doors to rooms or hallways. i don't know why! i looked it up, and people have said thats it is called agoraphobia, but the full description doesn't match the way i feel about it. i am not afraid of the outside world, new oppertunities, being away from a safe place or being in a crowded space. I just cant be in a room with an open door with out feeling extremely uncomfortable. am i afraid of what could come in the open door, or what could leave, or I dont know! its so confusing to me. This THING that i have about it. I dont know how to deel with it except to close the door. Is this anxiety?

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