The fear of driving in a car and that it will explode... With. No. Warning. Signs.

by Jeany
(London, NY U.K.A)

Its thoughts like this that quite often pop into my head, i always try to brush it off, by turning up my music louder.(to distract my self) but no. This does not work. When it gets stuck in my head and i cant get it out,... i started to get creeptified!
Yes,I made that last word up. But anyway, i have prayed for the safety of my self, the car, and for others as well around the vehicle for there to be no harm.

My fear is not towards driving. It's when i AM driving, these morbid thoughts race though and battle me from time to time about an explosion while I'm driving. Like a demon challenging me over and over. but only in the car! Again, my usual reaction would be, CRANK UP DAT MUSIC! but that's get old to be an old tactic. That was my story, My question to you is how does one manage these situations on how to cope and/or deal in the best possible manner. Thanks.

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