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That's kinda mean
by: Anonymous

That's mean that your friends and family especially your family would make fun of your fear. You need to tell them to stop because this phobia you have is really real to you. I think you should see a therapist for this phobia. But just please tell your friends and family that making fun of your fear is not making it better but that it's making it worse. God will help you through this.

Me too
by: LeeAnna

I'm so happy I'm not alone. I don't know where my fear actually comes from. All I know is is a travelocity commercial come on I cringe and can't watch. It's to the point where I was watching America's Got Talent and there were people in gnome suits... I almost cried... I just hate them, the evil little monsters. :(

Fear of gnomes
by: Elsa van der Merwe

I have a good friend who is also extremely afraid of garden gnomes. We don't know why, he just is. We do joke about it, but hey I've got an even weirder fear. I'm afraid of having my hair washed at a salon.

Re: gnomes
by: Anonymous

I, too am really afraid of garden gnomes, and I have been since I was a little kid... Most kids ride their bikes really fast past the house with the big barking dog in the yard... I almost had panic attacks riding past houses where I knew there were gnomes. My mom had a book- some kind of dictionary or encyclopedia of gnomes, and their personalities or something, and I remember it freaked me out really badly. To this day, I'm afraid of them, and purposely avoid walking by yards that have them. Glad to know I'm not alone- everyone I've told about this fear has thought it was hilarious, and when I hear a strange noise in the house, my boyfriend often teases me saying the gnomes are coming to get me. Travelocity commercials still startle me, and the episode of south park with the 'underwear gnomes' gave me nightmares.

I have gnomophobia as well
by: Jessica

I had dreams about gnomes as well they scare to crap out of me... I have had dreams were they would come to life and case me.... and try to kill me... My nephew is 14 and I night they came over... the next day i was taking a shower and my brat nephew put my mom's gnomes in my bath tub... i almost had a heart attack i was so scare omg... he does this to me all the time.... he does this to me all the time :( just to hear me scare and cry like a little baby haha....

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