Thank God I am not alone when it rains tonight. I fear rain.

by Victoria
(Cebu, Philippines)

I was in my 6th grade when I discovered that I am afraid of the rain. I fear rain.

Whenever I hear the rain falling down the roof so hard, I felt like crying and would just wish that I fall asleep fast.

I was spending my vacation at my aunt's house and my cousins were already asleep. we slept beside each other.

It suddenly rained so hard that I didn't want to open my eyes. I tried so hard to sleep yet I couldn't. I stayed awake all night anxious. I would try to wake my cousins up to have some company but I guess they just loved to sleep when it's raining and cold. Why couldn't I?

That time, I didn't think I was afraid of the rain. Why should I? It's not dangerous and all. I have seen the rain before and even bathe under the rain.

But one time, I was sleeping with my mom when it started to rain so hard. I could hear it and my heart started to thump and I found it so hard to sleep again. I stayed closer to my mom and cried. Then, I held her hand so tight feeling the warmth of her touch. It soothed me and I found comfort. I was able to sleep after a few hours of fear.

I have been my own psycho yet I couldn't explain why I fear the rain and how I got it. I am not afraid of it when I am with people. I am scared during daytime or when I am outside the house.

But when I am alone in the house on my bed about to sleep and it starts to rain, I feel uneasy, and anxious . I don't understand how I feel and I tried to think about so many things.

I couldn't explain this but I try to describe the feeling for me to understand myself.

I don't want to be alone during this time and when I am with someone, I get to talk a lot just to hide the fear away.

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