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Your not alone
by: Anonymous

I have had a fear of dying since i was about...5 years old. one day i was thinking about a friend and i realized , we cant be friends "FOREVER" because we will eventually die. i talked to my parents about it but still to this day i have an intense fear of death. I think about it everyday now and its affecting my life. I feel exactly the same way you to almost to a tee. And i dont think its just because you went of ur anti-depresents for a while. although i could be wrong. But i have had this fear for a long time and never tried medication. I am going to try to fix this fear though. I have researched online for treatment of this fear. The reccomended thing is pretty much a psychiatrist. I would go to your local doctor and he/she would find you one. then they can do mental treatment(help you overcome it without medication) or you can go on medication. I am going to try a mix of both therapy & medication to stop the panic attacks.
Over-all i just wanna say your not alone, i thought i was to for years and i think the exact same things u do before i go to sleep. So i think we should both stop this and realize its a growing health issue and we should both go do something about it. I know i am very soon. Good luck
- Laura

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