Terrified of Wasps

by Margaret

I am absolutely, uncontrollably terrified of wasps. It is summertime, and I hesitate about going outside out of fear that I will encounter one or more wasps (or bees... or hornets...) I currently run a window air conditioner in my room, and I have been quietly freaking out all day because I saw a wasp on top of the air conditioner, INSIDE MY ROOM, early this morning.

I heard it well before I saw it. I was half awake and practically flew out of bed when I heard the tell-tale buzzing noise near my window. I spotted the little fucker crawling on top of the air conditioner and felt my skin chill and crawl. EVERY TIME I see a wasp, hear a wasp, feel a wasp brush my skin-- I get cold, start to shiver, feel my skin crawl, feel like I'm going to be sick. It doesn't matter if the wasp is flying nearby or if I see a picture of a wasp. The effect is still very similar-- except when I see one in person, I will usually run, scream, and/or cry.

Luckily, my significant other was there, and he crushed the wasp with a discarded sock. I cheered. Even when it was dead, I wanted him to crush the wasp more... no mercy. Just obliterate.

I feel a little safer, but I am still looking over at my window every so often. I catch myself listening intently for the sound of a wasp flying around. I am forcing myself to stay in my OWN room, hoping reason will kick in so I don't have to be afraid of another wasp invading my space.

Except there is one problem-- this is the second wasp I have spotted in my room so far in the last month. (The last time a wasp got in my room, we couldn't find it again and I refused to sleep in my apartment because we couldn't kill the wasp and dispose of its corpse)

Also, when I look outside my window, I always see at least four or five wasps hovering around the top corner of my window. It's only a matter of time before a third squirms its way in here... It's horrible just to think about it.

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