Terrified of Stuffed Animals,Taxidermy phobia

by Nathalie H

Im 17 years old now and the truth is, i dont know what got me to be terrified of stuffed animals. It all started when i was about 4 and my mother took me to the usual supermarket when i ran across a big inflatable pool whale.

From that point i remember i refused to go through that aisle and my mother wondered why i would never pass by. It all continued whenever i would run across fishes, buffalos or any type of big plastic animal.

Recently, i find it much more easy to cope with if i stare at it for some time and know its there. but that only works with small fishes or turtles.

i get completely stunned and paralyzed if its a shark or some sort of big type creature. Up to this day i try to go to places i know where there might be hanging animals in order to get rid of my fear. but that only works temporarily.

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