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by: Anonymous

I have sleepwalked before. People think they are like zombies, walking around doing things, but it is usually not like that. I would just stand up and go to my parents bedroom and crash in their bed. That was only because i used to sleep there often when i was little. Sleepwalkers will not hurt you. They have theyre own routine and they wont touch you. Also, some sleepwalkers understand commands! When i am at my friends house at night, she sometimes sits up, eyes open, but obviously asleep (it does not look creepy, they are not wide open like a zombies) and i just say "Louise, go back to bed" clearly but gently and she mumbles "okay" and goes back to sleep. In the morning she doesnt remember anything like that. A way to cure a phobia is to look at it closer. Why are you scared? Since when? Once you have those answers it is easier to cure the phobia. Hope this helped.

I know how you feel!
by: Anonymous

I have the same fear. It started at summer camp when this girl in my cabin walked in her sleep and one night I woke up to her standing over my bead. Scariest thing of my life! She wasnt any normal kid either, she was very morbid and violent and I think thats what started my fear. Im terrified because they dont know what they are doing and you cant wake them up or else it will mess with their brain. With me however, its not only sleep walkers I get freaked even when people talk in their sleep.

I feel your pain.

i have the same fear as you.
by: kasey

dude, i have the same fear a little while ago i had to sleep in a hotel with a couple other girls and one of them was sleep walking and i started crying, if i know someone sleep walks i will not stay the night with them, i hate having the fear and the only thing i have done is avoiding it. my best friend and her dad both sleep walk so i wont ever have my friend over or go to there house its hard but untill i can find a way to stop it im gonna have to avoid it, and im sorry you have that fear but you arent alone.

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