Terrified of semis/tractor trailers

by Elizabeth

Since I was little I have always been terrified of semis/tractor trailers. I can't breathe, I shake,and I feel nauseous when they are near me on the road. And I don't drive and I am 22 years old. I don't know if there is any medical way to help me.

I spoke with my psychiatrist and he told me "Just breathe when you get near them" REALLY? I can barely breathe when they are 10 car lengths ahead and I know we are going to have to go by them. I find myself leaning toward my fiance' as if it will help being a couple inches further from them... I can't take it anymore, sometimes I think I will literally have a heart attack. I have three children and I need to start driving but I am so scared I might have the little ones in the car and over correct to get away from a semi. Please, Any advice?

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