Terrified of old toilets

by C
(New Jersey)

Ever since I was a little kid, I was terrified of old toilets. (1970's older toilets. I was really scared to shower or take a bath in one of my relatives bathroom that had a older toilet. I was afraid while I was sitting on it, the tank would start to fill, or make gurgling noises, or start running when it wasn't supposed to. I was scared about it and I didn't like to look at or use a older 1970's toilet. I couldn't look in a toilet tank. I was so so scared that it would randomly start to fill up or something when I was looking inside of it. I couldn't look inside a toilet tank because it looked weird and I especially didn't like it if someone flushed it when I was looking in the tank. I always hated the sound when someone flushed it when they were looking in the tank of the toilet. I just was afraid that if I flushed it something would go wrong, and it would make a really loud screeching noise or something like that. That phobia got even worse when I saw a video on youtube called: Toilet making a horrible sound. Whenever I had to use one of the older toilets, I'd flush and run!

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