Terrified of Mascots

I am absolutely terrified of mascots! I don't really recall when my phobia began, but it didn't help that I was chased by two mascots in sixth grade. Easily one of my most traumatizing memories. When little kids are waving and shouting at sporting events for mascots to notice them, I am shrinking further and further into my seat, trying to avoid eye contact with those giant painted on eyes. I feel sick just thinking about mascots! It's weird though cause I'm perfectly fine with masks, I just am mortified of mascots! My friends would always tell mascots to give me a hug from behind when I'm somewhere else. Terrifying I know. There was a time when I was eating a hot dog at a baseball game and my friend snuck away and got a mascot to give me a giant hug from behind. I nearly choked! I started screaming and everyone was staring at my flailing self as I tried to get the mascot off. I ran after he let go. I sprinted to the nearest bathroom and just sat in the comfort of the locked stall.

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